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AMARU: The First EP was the first ever musical release by AMARU.
He traveled to Chicago (USA) in 2007 to work on this project, which was intended to be his first album.
There was little to no connection between him and the "producer" and that was more than apparent
on day one of his arrival in Chi-town! Regardless of anything, AMARU did provide lyrics to some tracks,
which were then recorded. By that time AMARU had already made up his mind about the whole project
and decided to cut his losses and sit out his remaining days in Chicago,
while having to work under horrendous conditions.

AMARU: The First EP was released on 08 April 2008

The project generated the following tracks:

- Put Your Hands Up (Radio Edit)
- Tell Me

- Tonite
- Put Your Hands Up (Club Anthem)

AMARU decided to release the single "Put Your Hands Up" as the first single, along with a music video
which was published on the website of music station
TMF (The Music Factory) as that week's
"Hot Or Not". By the end of its 2-week run the video was 87% hot.

This EP is now out of print, however
All Music did include the project in their
online database via
this link.

Put Your Hands Up (Radio Edit)" is available online via these platforms
iTunes Spotify Amazon

"Put Your Hands Up (Club Anthem)" is available online via these platforms
iTunes Spotify Amazon

Watch the "Put Your Hands Up" music video via this link.


All lyrics and vocals by: AMARU
Art direction by AMARU

Sleeve & cover design by AMARU

Cover concept by AMARU
Graphics designed by AMARU

Styling by AMARU

Hair &  make-up by Ingrid Smulders
Photography by: Vincent van der Aa
Clothing & accessories provided in part by: OutFitz

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