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AMARU's award-winning debut album
"CHAMPAGNE ATTITUDE" was released on 25 May 2018 and it
is available on CD in two formats:

The Regular Commercial Edition (Full color digi-pack album with full color booklet)
The Special Collector's Edition (Printed on linen with full color booklet)

Both versions of the album can be purchased via
this link

The album is also available on digital download on
all major platforms of digital music, among which:

iTunes - Spotify - Amazon - Tidal - Deezer


01 - I've Been Expecting You (Interlude) 
02 - I'm The One You Need
03 - The Greatest Love (Interlude)
04 - The One
05 - Gentle Giant
06 - Champagne Attitude
07 - The Absence Of Your Presence (Interlude)
08 - Independence Day
09 - Pa' Mi Gente (For My People)
10 - That's The Way I Like It
11 - Abundant Place (Interlude)
12 - Tell Me
13 - Low on the Dough
14 - Clearly (Interlude)
15 - Never
16 - I Got The Blues
17 - Bye Bye
18 - Messiah
19 - Joystick
20 - Pa' Mi Gente (For My People) (Sazón Remix)


"Done with such style and flare, Amaru’s “Champagne Attitude” goes for a fully immersive experience".
(Exposed Vocals, U.S.A.)

"Musically this project brings many different genres and elements to the stage. This includes electronic rhythms and jazz-like organic dashes of colour, plus plenty more that keeps things unique. The project’s title track brings all of this together alongside of some cool and unforgiving writing that holds nothing back as it tells its story"
(Stereo Stickman, UK)

"Champagne Attitude" is a majestic album!"
(Jamsphere Magazine, U.S.A.)



"Nothing happens before its time", is what people say and I can tell you that there were many times during the production of this album that I strongly disagreed with that statement! As far back as I can remember I wanted to become a singer or an entertainer of sorts. In fact, it was my late maternal grandmother that planted that first seed when she took me aside to " play the organ and sing a little" after the Sunday morning church service.
It wasn't until I saw country music legends Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton perform at the Country Music Awards on TV that I was absolutely certain that someday soon "I will sing with Kenny and Dolly". But until that moment comes, I proudly present to you my debut album, an eclectic collection of songs, little chapters of the book of my life,
adult contemporary pop music with a dash of Latin soul, for your listening pleasure, I hope!


With this album I hope to give you a glimpse into my life to date, you get to know me from up close and personal, as all songs ore based on personal issues and encounters and other curve balls that life has a tendency of throwing at us. moments in time that help to shape us into the people that we are today. You may have already gathered that I'm not a very patient person when it comes to certain things, but at the same time when it comes to my art, I am a perfectionist to the letter! I can tell you that in the past I was always in a hurry to make music. But wisdom and knowledge come with time and I spent plenty of time to create all of these songs, as I want them to shine like the masterpieces that I think they are, I want them to stand the test of time and make a difference
in whatever shape or form. It is an honor to have you listen to and support my music,
for which I cannot thank you enough!


Making this album, to me, has been a journey to beat all journeys! When I went to Chicago in 2007 to work on an EP I got my feet wet, so to speak. As an independent recording artist I have learned a lot about the business aspect of the music industry and I’m still learning. Powered with that knowledge, I embarked on this album project in December 2016, after the release of my fourth single “Independence Day”, which won a bronze award at the Global Music Awards in California, USA. So with great humility and a tremendous amount of gratitude
I'd like to thank the following people.


While I am not religious, I am very spiritual and I do believe in a creator of all things living, my Heavenly Father, to which I give thanks for all His blessings, the inspiration and the motivation on days when I feel and felt like giving up, the patience and everything else in between during this creative endeavor! Thank You!

To my partner in crime, mister Marcel van Ling, super dad, bad ass guitarist and musician, singer, studio owner, producer and technician extraordinaire! Marcel, you helped me bring my demos to life, you understand my musicality like no other and I cannot thank you enough for blending your creative genius and talent with mine, your dry sense of humor, your work ethic, your drive, your spirit, your tips and everything else in between! Where were you in 2007 when I needed you! Thank you very much and please, don’t be “cheesy”, LOL!

Extra special thanks to my mother who has been there for me and my brother since day one.
Despite the many curve balls that life threw at her, she managed to raise two children to the best
of her ability, for which my brother and I are forever thankful.


Despite the big difference in age, my brother and I are very close and I am happy to have him as a brother! Thanks for everything little bro’ ;)  And thanks to your family too!

To my tremendously large family: thank you for the love, the laughs and all the memories we’ve created so far. I’m sure we will create some more in the future! A family that plays together stays together!


Thanks to my friends for being a part of my journey, after all, it does take a village to raise a child… so thank you!

Thank you to all the radio stations and DJs worldwide who show and have shown an interest in my music!

To my fans and other supporters: thank you for supporting my music, it means a lot to me, especially considering that the musical landscape has changed drastically in the last couple of years and people don’t really buy music like they used to back in the day. May my music and lyrics bring joy, provide comfort, solace, inspire,
motivate and make you rise above the negativity!


This album is dedicated to my mother, a phenomenal woman!

Happy listening, bust a move or two and be inspired!

All my love, always,




All songs (lyrics & melodies) written by AMARU

All vocals by AMARU

All vocal arrangements by AMARU

All music produced by AMARU & Marcel van Ling, except "The One", music produced by
G. Essenstam & AMARU, additional production by Marcel van Ling & AMARU


All songs recorded by Marcel van Ling at MoSound Productions (Zoetermeer, The Netherlands)

All songs mixed & mastered by Marcel van Ling at Audio Polish (Zoetermeer, The Netherlands

All songs published by AMARU Music Publishing (BUMA/STEMRA)

Art direction by AMARU

Sleeve & cover design by AMARU

Cover concept by AMARU
Graphics designed by AMARU

Styling by AMARU

Hair &  make-up by AMARU, Gracielle Owen, Tessa Giek

Photography by AMARU PHOTOGRAPHY, Gracielle Owen, Manú Santander, Michael Lambert

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AMARU - Chanpagne Attitude (Special Coll
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