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(excerpt from "Abundant Place" by AMARU, available

We're surrounded by abundance. An abundance of natural resources,
an abundance of food, an abundance of luxury goods... All or some of which may not be privy to many.
We're also surrounded by an abundance of chaos, misunderstanding, ignorance,
illiteracy, hatred, hunger and war... Abundances we as mankind have created.


Fixing things that are broken is not easy, but it's not impossible. The question in this matter is "how?"
How do you fix a world that seems to have been broken since the beginning of its existence?
How do you restore the trust its citizens once had in its leaders?
How do you facilitate proper education, healthy food, clean drinking water,
how do you restore morale in a world that has been upside down for many centuries?

While music may not necessarily be the answer to fix all of our global issues,
a three-minute up-tempo song may provide some solace and comfort!


"Tell Me" by AMARU raises awareness for all of these issues and then some.
This is the
eleventh single by the internationally acclaimed independent artist and since its release it has won
multiple international awards. The lyrics are very poignant, the music features various African
percussion instruments, but in producing the track, AMARU decided to also incorporate the
Indian sitar and tabla, all of which add to the "global" feel of the song.

The singer minces no words to voice his frustration about the world we live in, the chaos
that is responsible for stress and many other ailments and illnesses. "
Tell Me" by AMARU is a song about
social issues, racial inequality, hunger, pollution, the pandemic, war, destitution, sorrow and injustice,

with a big undertone of love, inclusion, validation and hope!


Created in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic, the music video for "Tell Me" by AMARU may appear to be
"all over the place" to some viewers. Never judge a book by its cover: that was purely intentional to
emphasize on the mess that has become planet Earth. Sometimes you simply need a
sledgehammer or a wrecking ball to bring attention to certain issues. 


This is a story about life
Everybody that lives surely dies
Many people seem to wonder why
We never really know what lies ahead
And we only get one life to live
That's why we gotta make the most of it

Just think of all life has to give (oh-wey-oh)
You gotta be willing to forgive
Remember to think positive

Tell me, something has to change, baby
This world is driving me crazy
We gotta find a way to make things better
Tell me, why can't we live together
From now until forever
We gotta think about the mess we're making

This is a story about love
One thing there's just too little of
Problems we need to rise above
Just turn on the TV screen
It's everywhere, can't you see
This is not the way to be

Homeless children everywhere (oh-wey-oh)
What about their future do we care
There's gotta be some love left to spare

Chorus repeat

Tell me, tell me
Everyone deserves the right to be free
A baby needs a mommy and a daddy
Who accept responsibility

Tell me, tell me
Think about the possibility
Of living in a world that simply could be
A better place for you and me


Just think of all life has to give (oh-wey-oh)
You gotta be willing to forgive (oh-wey-oh)
All those people on the streets (oh-wey-oh)
What about somebody else's needs

Chorus repeat


Think about it, it's a mess we're making
Think about it, it's the world we live in (repeat)

"Tell Me" by AMARU appears on his award-winning debut album "Champagne Attitude"
and this version of the song is available digitally via one of these outlets:

iTunes - Amazon - Spotify

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The "Tell Me" music video has won the following awards so far:

Accolade Global Film Competition (U.S.A., May 2022)
Humanitarian Award Honorable Mention

Music Streaming Awards (Canada, November 2021)
20,000+ Spotify Streams

Global Music Awards (U.S.A., August 2021)
Silver Medal "Outstanding Achievement" 

World Film Carnival - Singapore (Singapore, May 2021)
Best Music Video (Outstanding Achievement Award) 

Global Shorts (U.S.A., April 2021)
Special Mention 

Accolade Global Film Competition (U.S.A., April 2021)
Viewer Impact: Motivational / Inspirational (AWARD OF MERIT) 
Music Video (AWARD OF MERIT)


Official release date: 01 September 2020
Written by: AMARU
Directed by: AMARU
Executive producer: AMARU
Produced by: AMARU & Blissful Mess
ISRC Code: NL - 39Y - 20 - 00002
Approximate running time: 03.15

The music video for "
Tell Me" by AMARU is available on demand via Youtube.

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