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Two days before his birthday, on 27 May 2019, AMARU releases his 8th. single "That's The Way I Like It".
What initially started as a high energy dance track slowly but surely turned into a different kind of a jam.
Years before AMARU started to work on his debut album he produced the demo for "
That's The Way I Like It" with
a different producer. While the overall beat of the track was to his liking, it simply wasn't a match with the
lyrical content of the song. The lyrics somewhat disappeared to the background.


Years later, when AMARU started to work with his long time music collaborator Marcel van Ling,
he decided to re-visit this song. He decided to slow down the tempo to 80 to 85 BPM and hey presto:
a new version of "
That's The Way I Like It" was born! AMARU goes REGGAE!


With this new version AMARU pays homage to the late Bob Marley and his native country Jamaica.
The track is all about coming of age, living life instead of existing, going at it the way YOU see fit,
to walk with God and to keep your eye on the prize.



Sometimes I look back, I look back on my life
And I reminisce, I reminisce about those times
I see so many things, I see the good and bad
But most of all the nasty, the nasty things you said

Ya got everybody talking 'bout me
Their phony laugh just kills me
You're the reason that they hate me
But I'm not gonna let them break me
I won't let them kill my spirit
This is what I'll do
Now this is what I'm gonna do

I'm gonna live life my way
Cause that's the way I like it
I'm gonna live life my way
Cause that's the way I like it
I'm gonna live life my way
Cause that's the way I like it
I'm gonna live life my way
Cause that's the way I like it

Now I realize, I realize sometimes you lose
This is what I had to, this is what I had to go through
And now I'm here I try, I try to live my life
And be the best I can be, all of the time

But everyone's opinionated
Sometimes not sophisticated
People can be complicated
All of you who put me down
You played me for a clown
Now it's time for me
I said I'm gon' be there for me

Chorus repeat (2x)

It took me a while to realize 
That real good friends are hard to find
Everybody's got something to say
But I learned to love them anyway
They say misery loves company
And life is such a mystery
Thank you for my growing pains
This is where I am today

Chorus repeat (till end)

"That's The Way I Like It" received a mention by the Official Dutch Top 40 charts and three local radio stations
picked up the single and gave it some airplay. With a special nod to the
LGBTQIA community, the music video
was shot on location in
Fortaleza, Brazil in the summer of 2019.

The original version of "That's The Way I Like It" appears on his award-winning debut album "Champagne Attitude"
and this version of the song is available digitally via one of these outlets:

iTunes - Amazon - Spotify

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The "That's The Way I Like It" music video has won the following awards so far:

Luis Bunuel Memorial Awards 
Formerly: L' Age d'Or International Arthouse Film Festival)
(India, May 2022)
Critic's Choice Award


Official release date: 12 June 2019
Written by: AMARU
Directed by: AMARU
Executive producer: AMARU
Produced by: AMARU & Blissful Mess
ISRC Code: NL - 39Y - 19 - 00002
Approximate running time: 03.30

The music video for "
That's The Way I Like It" by AMARU is available on demand via Youtube.

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