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"Never" is the 10th. single release by internationally acclaimed independent recording artist,
actor, author, model & photographer AMARU. Released on the 39th. anniversary of his grandmother's home going,
Never" conveys both audibly as well as visually a befitting tribute to a self-made woman who, like many,
has lost the battle with
cancer. What started out as a mid-tempo pop song soon turned into
the heartfelt ballad that "
Never" is today.


I never knew
What life had in store for me
How could I possibly have known

You walked out of my life
And everything has changed
And now, what am I supposed to do

I never allowed myself to cry and
I never allowed myself to feel sad
I'll never forget the day you went away (ooh)
I never allowed my soul to heal yet
I never allowed my heart to break but
I'll never forget the emptiness I felt (ooh)


If I could turn back time
I'd know what to do
Wisdom and knowledge comes with time!

No more sleepless nights
Now I'm finally at peace
This is where I've always longed to be

Chorus repeat (2x)

Making amends has never been that easy
This much is true
Sometimes when I look back
I wonder: where are you?

Chorus repeat (till end)

The original version of "Never" appears on his award-winning debut album "Champagne Attitude"
and this version of the song is available digitally via one of these outlets:

iTunes - Amazon - Spotify

Also check out these reviews for "Never" by AMARU:

"For such an intimate and personal message it is also a song which is universally relatable"
(Dave Franklin - Dancing About Architecture, U.S.A.)

"The single is instantly engaging and impressively intimate, showcasing exactly why
we make, listen to, and love music".

(Thomas Bedward - Broken 8 Records, Australia) 

The "Never" music video has won the following awards so far:

Five Continents International Film Festival (Venezuela, February 2022)
Best Video Clip

Europe Film Festival (EFFUK) (United Kingdom, October 2021)
Best Music Video (Jury Special Award)

World Film Carnival - Singapore (Singapore, June 2021)
Best Music Video (Outstanding Achievement Award)

Calcutta International Cult Film Festival (India, May 2021)
Best Music Video

South Film and Arts Academy Festival (Chile, April 2021)
Best Music Video (Audience Award)

Accolade Global Film Competition (U.S.A., March 2021)
Original Song (AWARD OF MERIT)

Accolade Global Film Competition (U.S.A., March 2021)
Music Video (AWARD OF MERIT)



Official release date: 25 February 2020
Written by: AMARU
Directed by: AMARU
Executive producer: AMARU
Produced by: AMARU & Blissful Mess
ISRC Code: NL - 39Y - 20 - 00001
Approximate running time: 03.25

The music video for "
Never" by AMARU is available on demand via Youtube.

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