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If you were trying to get a glimpse into the man that AMARU has become today, listening to his single
Gentle Giant (Radio Mix)" will provide you with everything you need to know and then some! Autobiographical from start to finish with a funky retro beat,
"Gentle Giant" by AMARU dives into issues that matter. Issues that REALLY matter! 


AMARU writes and sings about being bi-racial, first impressions and 
pre-conceived notions, self-love and self care, inclusivity and acceptance, self-esteem,
colorism and coming of age. At the same time "Gentle Giant" may well be the
quintessential anthem for the anti-bullying movement! 



I′ve never been a stranger to opinions about me

The body and the color are the first thing that they see
But if they took the time to get to know me they would see
My actions and my character are things that define me

You may take me, or you may leave me
But get to know me
You'll see a gentle giant
The surface could be deceiving
But look beneath it
You′ll see a gentle giant


Notions that are pre-conceived don't matter much to me
It's human nature to be blind to certain qualities
Maybe it′s our special way of dealing with our fears
But I don′t need to tell you baby that is not sincere


Chorus repeat

I just had to laugh to keep from crying don't you see
A human being is what I am as big as I may be
Sadness, sorrow, they no longer keep me company
Self esteem and laughter are the company I keep


Chorus repeat

Everybody wants to be
Validated can′t you see
Sticks and stones may break my bones
But they'll never turn my heart to stone

There′s so much more to me than what you see

Chorus repeat

Just look beneath the surface and you will see ME!

"Gentle Giant (Radio Mix)" by AMARU was released digitally worldwide on 13 February 2022
on AMARU's independent label AMARU MUSIC (


"Gentle Giant (Radio Mix)" by AMARU can be streamed online via these platforms

Spotify - iTunes/Apple Music - Amazon Music - Tidal

The "Gentle Giant" music video breathes a retro feel and as simplistic as it may seem at first glance,
it is a very stylish and artistic music video, playful and sexy, as per AMARU, 
yet poignant
and to the point with a message that is conveyed superbly! 

The "Gentle Giant" music video has won the following awards so far:

Audience Choice Award" - Direct Monthly Online Film Festival (Michigan, U.S.A., August 2022)
Best Music Video" - Virgin Spring Cinefest (India, August 2022)
Outstanding Achievement Award" & "Best Film Poster" - Knight Of The Reel Awards (India, June 2022)
Honorable Mention" - Athens International Monthly Art Film Festival (Greece, April 2022)


The music video for "Gentle Giant (Radio Mix)" by AMARU is available on demand via Youtube.


Official release date: 4 March 2022
Written by: AMARU
Directed by: AMARU
Executive producer: AMARU
Produced by: AMARU & Blissful Mess
ISRC Code: NL - 39Y - 22 - 00001
Approximate running time: 03.40

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