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19 June 2024... a.k.a. Juneteenth...

Not only a very important date in Black history, but also the release date of
The Crime Of Silence", the 3rd. album project by internationally acclaimed
independent recording artist AMARU.

A project that started back in November of 2021 and which came to completion in May of 2024, the album comprises 16 tracks of new music by the entertainer, two of which were released ahead of the album's release. The multi award-winning "
Traces Of My Melanin" and the 3x NUMER ONE Spanish language dance single and tribute to the LGBTQIA+ community "Este Hombre (El Tesoro)".
All songs were written, arranged, and performed by AMARU, while the production was
once again in the hands of himself and his long time musical collaborator Marcel van Ling.

You will get to know AMARU even better by listening to his new collection of songs,
as the singer candidly divulges about his struggles about moving from South America
to Europe, the hardship that he was met with, misplaced jealousy and envy,
but also the joy and success that he has worked very hard for
to achieve and enjoys.

While the title track may speak for itself to some, choosing one's battles in this day and age is
something that has to be taken into consideration at all cause. It's very noble to speak
about the injustices that we as people perpetrate upon ourselves, but at the same time
we have to be cautious as to when, where and how we express
our disdain for injustice of any kind. 

The Crime Of Silence" by AMARU features tracks that will inspire and motivate, 
but as a listener you will also be invited to think about life, about the state of the
world, about our future, as is very typical for AMARU's lyrics. And as per the 
entertainer every song on this album is covered in a massive undertone of love!

"While I'm not against 'here today, gone tomorrow ' kind of songs, I do want my work
to stand the test of time and make a difference", he says.

The Crime Of Silence" by AMARU is released on this day coinciding with
and as a tribute to the celebration of Juneteenth, much like the first single of
this collection "
Traces Of My Melanin" was back on Juneteenth 2023.

The Crime Of Silence" by AMARU is now available worldwide on
digital download on all platforms of digital music.
Listen to "
The Crime Of Silence" via one of these links:
iTunes Apple Music Spotify Tidal Amazon Music Deezer Youtube Music 


Help A Brotha Out *

Este Hombre (El Tesoro)

Champagne Attitude (Ragga Mix)

Never (The Melanin Mix)

It's Not Impossible

Traces Of My Melanin

My Shell


Like Glue

The Crime Of Silence

Just Let Them Eat Cake

Shake (Sterve It Up)


The Crime Of Silence (Acoustic Mix)

Traces Of My Melanin (Video Mix)

Dejanos Bailar (Muevete)



All songs (lyrics & melodies) written by AMARU

All vocal arrangements by AMARU
Lead & backing vocals by AMARU

* Backing vocals by AMARU & Marcel van Ling

All music produced by AMARU & Marcel van Ling 

All songs recorded by Marcel van Ling at MoSound
(Zoetermeer, The Netherlands)

All songs mixed & mastered by Marcel van Ling at Audio Polish
(Zoetermeer, The Netherlands)

All songs published by AMARU Music Publishing

Art direction by AMARU

Sleeve & cover design by AMARU

Cover concept by AMARU
Graphics designed by AMARU

Styling by AMARU

Make-up by Tessa Giek

© AMARU MUSIC (2007 - 2024)


09 July 2024
"The Crime Of Silence" is reviewed by Dawn Coombe from
the UK music blog The Music Asylum. Check out the review via this link.

08 July 2024
Music reviewer Saiid Zeidan has once again written beautifully and objectively
about AMARU's work. To read his album review of "The Crime Of Silence"
follow one of these links:

03 July 2024
Music Arena GH from the UK published a great review of AMARU's new album
"The Crime Of Silence" today. Read the review via this link.

26 June 2024
AMARU's new album "The Crime Of Silence" receives critical acclaim from
entertainment blog 
Music Taste UK. Follow this link to read this stupendous review!

In support of the album AMARU has also released his documentary
AMARU - The Crime Of Silence (A Musical Narrative)" in which he provides his
audience with a unique behind-the-scenes impression of the production of his new album.

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