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In addition to being an award-winning singer,  songwriter, actor, author, filmmaker and model,
AMARU is also 
an award-winning and published photographer! His specialties are food photography,
fashion / lifestyle, architecture and nature. Click on the "
Acting Resumé" tab to check out his complete resume
for some of the publications his work is featured in.

Check out AMARU's portfolio on his Official Flickr Photography Page via this link or click
on the
Flickr icon on the left hand side of the screen.

Art exhibitions and photography awards won by AMARU:


04 March 2023
Frida Film Festival
Mojado Y Liberado" (Artistic Nude Series) - Best Photography

16 December 2022
LGBTQ-U Unbordered International Film Festival
🏆 WINNER: "Mojado Y Liberado"
 (Artistic Nude Series) - "Kudos Award"
Best Photography

10 December 2022

Top Shot International Film Festival 
🏆 WINNER: "Mojado Y Liberado" (Artistic Nude Series) - Best Photography
The official winner notifications are available via this link.

03 December 2022
Lusted Men Exhibition
(Paris, FRANCE)

🏆Selected For Exhibition 'Mojoado Y Liberado'
110 Gallery

Address: Rue Saint Honoré, Paris (FRANCE)
Dates: 8 December 2022 - 4 February 2023

24 September 2022

Lusted Men Exhibition

(Villecien, FRANCE)

🏆Selected For Exhibition 'Mojoado Y Liberado'
Le Château du Feÿ
For more information, please follow
Instagram accounts @lusted_men and @fey_arts_ 

15 February 2022
The TASTE Photo Awards 2021
Quarter finalist, category "Food Photography"

23 September 2021
OGA Visual Art Exhibitions
🏆 Selected For Exhibition in September 2021:
Follow this link to see some of AMARU's exhibited photos.

18 June 2021
World Film Carnival - Singapore
🏆 WINNER: Best Photography "Outstanding Achievement Award"
Series: "The Tangled Webs We Weave"
Watch the series via this link
Follow this link for the official winners notification.

08 May 2021
Rome International Movie Awards
🏆 WINNER: category "Best Photography" - April 2021 Award
Series: "
Click here for a CENSORED SAMPLE of part of the series (NSFW)
Follow this link for the official winners list.

30 April 2021
International World Photography Awards
🏆 WINNER: category "Architecture"
🏆 WINNER: category "Nature"
Follow this link to the official list of winners.

20 April 2021
Los Angeles Photography Awards
(California, USA)
🏆 WINNER: 8th. Edition, category "Food"
Click on this link for the winners notification.

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