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Love, romance and heartbreak... some of the most favorite subjects that many songs have been written about.
And rightfully so, because who doesn't need love and maybe a little bit of romance, if the stars are aligned?
And while most men mostly sing about unrequited love, women on the other hand sing their hearts out about the darker side of love and romance: the heartbreak! Few crooners put pen to paper to approach that issue from their perspective, but when they do, you could end up with "
I Got The Blues (Radio Mix)"
by internationally acclaimed independent recording artist AMARU.


"I Got The Blues (Radio Mix)" tackles heartbreak from a man's point of view and while the underlying message of the song is love, the singer ventilates plenty of anger, frustration, sadness and disbelieve. While love doesn't and should never hurt, heartbreak and growing pains are part of life and what perfect subject matter to set to music!


I got the blues
I don't know what to do
You gave yourself to some other guy
I got the blues
What am I to do
I never had the chance to say goodbye


Well you said you were my baby
But that was just a lie
You took off with the homey
I thought I was your guy


I got the blues
But I refuse
To let the pain take over my heart
I got the blues
What is this abuse
I gave you everything that you desired


You took my love for granted
You played me for a fool
I was infatuated
Guess I'm not the one for you


Now I got the blues
It's something we go through
As I slowly watch the days turn into night
I got the blues
You've always been my muse
But to love you is to let you live your life


I felt so very doubtful
Threw caution to the wind
I was right to be distrustful
You were my everything


Mama warned me 'bout that woman
She said you were the kind
The kind to F you over
And trample all over your heart


Now I got the blues
I don't know what to do
You gave yourself to some other guy
I got the blues
What am I to do
I never had the chance to say goodbye

"I Got The Blues (Radio Mix)" by AMARU is now available on digital download via these online streaming platforms.

Spotify - iTunes/Apple Music - Amazon - Tidal

When it comes to the music video for "I Got The Blues (Radio Mix)" AMARU opted for a very simple approach. Less is definitely more in this music video. Factor in a nod to yesteryear (the 1960's microphone) and the film effects that were added in post production to add to the feel of the song, great additions to the visuals that help to convey the sentiments expressed in the lyrics superbly!

The "I Got The Blues" music video has won the following awards so far:

FINALIST "Best Blues Song" -  World Songwriting Awards (Australia, September 2022)

WINNER "Best Music Video" - Gangtok International Film Festival (India, August 2022)


Official release date: 5 August 2022
Written by: AMARU
Directed by: AMARU
Executive producer: AMARU
ISRC Code: NL - 39Y - 22 - 00002
Approximate running time: 03.30


The music video for "I Got The Blues (Radio Mix)" is available on demand via Youtube.

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