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"Mojado Y Liberado" translates from Spanish into English "Wet and Liberated". 

As someone whose self-esteem took a tremendous hit growing up, particularly pertaining to his exterior,
change only happened when AMARU decided to take the wheel and re-claim control and celebrate his body beautiful,
in the broadest sense of the word. It would take decades, however, until he would regain his self-esteem, as these
things never happen overnight.

AMARU decided to create a tasteful and artistic photo series of male erotica in which not only his interior,
but also his exterior would take center stage! All of which resulted in the award-winning "Mojado Y Liberado"
photo series in which he showcases the male physique in his own special way.

As opposed to full frontal nudity or the typical display of six pack abs and bulging biceps, AMARU opted to leave something to the imagination, for the most part. Ever a keen eye for fashion, AMARU made sure that clothing also played a great part in the series.
In part of the series he is photographed in wet clothing, while his anatomy is visible through the garments,
while in other parts of the series he is partially clothed while his anatomy is very visible.

"Mojado Y Libe
rado" has been exhibited at various art exhibitions in Europe and it has won multiple awards.
Two of the images are available as lithographs, more information is available via this link.

07 November 2023
Geneva International Film Festival
🏆 WINNER: Best Photography
15 April 2023
Lusted Men Exhibition 
Matrice #7 Collectif Pfff Festival et Vernissage)

(Toulouse, France)
🏆Selected for exhibition 'Mojado Y Liberado'
Address: 61 rue Saint Jean 
31130 Balma, Toulouse (France)

04 March 2023
Frida Film Festival
Best Photography

16 December 2022
LGBTQ-U Unbordered International Film Festival
Best Photography - "Kudos Award"

10 December 2022
Top Shot International Film Festival 
Best Photography
The official winner notifications are available via this link.

03 December 2022
Lusted Men Exhibition
(Les Desirees)

(Paris, France)

🏆Selected For Exhibition 'Mojoado Y Liberado'
110 Gallery
Address: Rue Saint Honoré, Paris (France)
Dates: 8 December 2022 - 4 February 2023

24 September 2022

Lusted Men Exhibition

(Villecien, France)

🏆Selected For Exhibition 'Mojoado Y Liberado'
Le Château du Feÿ
For more information, please follow
Instagram accounts @lusted_men and @fey_arts_ 

23 September 2021
OGA Visual Art Exhibitions
🏆 Selected For Exhibition in September 2021:
Follow this link and this one to see some of AMARU's exhibited photos.

08 May 2021
Rome International Movie Awards

Best Photography- April 2021 Award
Click here for a CENSORED SAMPLE of part of the series (NSFW)
Follow this link for the official winners list.

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